Hey There- I'm Jess!

Photography is my greatest passion in life and I strive to be able to help capture some of life's greatest moments for others!

I am a Jersey Girl born and raised but currently reside in Sarasota, Florida with my partner and our two adorable dogs. I thoroughly enjoy being a Dog Mom and love spoiling my fur babies! I love traveling across the country as well as getting to explore new places. In my spare time, I also enjoy listening to Country music and being in the great outdoors!

Growing up, I have always been involved with photography as my parents always loved to capture every moment of my childhood and taught me the fundamentals of using a camera. During my Sophomore year of High School, I found my way into taking a Yearbook course and fell in love with it as I was able to learn more in depth about Photojournalism Photography while gaining more hands on experience. This experience had taught me how to capture the raw and authentic emotion into each and every one of my photographs as this is a crucial element when capturing life's special moments.

Over the years, my love and passion for Photography has continued to grow and only get stronger. My goal is to help capture the picture perfect moment for each and every one of my clients. Whether its an engagement, wedding or just a simple portrait session, I aim to capture the emotion into each and every photo!

Published Work